Hotel Carri Surf Studio

El Adoquín

El Adoquinado, is the oldest sector of Puerto Escondido, being also a place that is both traditional and entertaining, which attracts a large number of visitors.

El Adoquín was the first paved street in the city and since then it has become the main commercial thoroughfare. It is near the main bay of Puerto Escondido and is a commercial sector where you will find crafts, snacks, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies and other stores.

At night, cars are not allowed and El Adoquín is often very animated by the artists and musical groups that make their presentations live.

About us

Hotel Carri Surf Studio

Surf Studio Carri is a small guest house located in Rinconada very close to Carrizalillo beach, one of the best beaches in Puerto Escondido since there you can surf and swim no matter if you are an expert or not. We are located in the heart of Rinconada so we are surrounded by restaurants, shops, travel agencies, cafes and beautiful beaches that you can even walk to and the place is the safest.