Hotel Carri Surf Studio

Do not miss the opportunity to visit neighboring beaches

Zicatela Beach

It is an open sea beach, of great length and with a width that varies approximately from 30 to 40 meters. The sand is fine, gray in color and steeply sloping; warm, crystalline water with green and blue tones. The swell, sometimes, reaches up to 6 meters in height, ideal for surfing.

On this beach it is possible to enjoy sunbathing and walks or swimming, which is recommended only to experts. You can find clothing stores, handicrafts, restaurants, hotels, cabins and all kinds of bars. The nightlife is intensely lived on this beach. In the morning have a delicious coffee while watching the best surfers in the world practice.

Laguna Manialtepec

At nightfall, the water of the Manialtepec lagoon offers travelers a surreal spectacle. Since, with the slightest movement, it glows with an intense blue color. The "place of the lizards", according to its meaning in Nahuatl, is located 15 minutes from Puerto Escondido, on the way to Pinotepa Nacional, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Carrizalillo Beach

It is ideal for snorkelling, swimming and surfing. In its fine white sand you will find some palapas with seafood and fish restaurant service, and others where you can rent your equipment to dive in the crystal clear and calm waters.

Bacocho Beach

Playa Bacocho is a beautiful open ocean beach that does not lend itself much to swimming, but is excellent for other recreational options, such as walks along the coast, jogging on the golden sand, photographing the beautiful landscapes of the area and taste delicious dishes prepared with seafood and fish.

Puerto Angelito Beach

In the place a sub-deciduous medium jungle type vegetation prevails, with a profuse wild environment as a background, where it is common to observe sea birds such as diving ducks, seagulls and pelicans.

Coral Beach

Coral Beach is beautiful, with turquoise water. It has a calm tide that is perfect for swimming and its setting is heavenly.

Playa Marinero

The waters of these coasts have blue-green tones and the sand is smooth and white. Marinero is a great beach for surfing purposes, especially for those who are just starting out in this nautical activity.

About us

Hotel Carri Surf Studio

Surf Studio Carri is a small guest house located in Rinconada very close to Carrizalillo beach, one of the best beaches in Puerto Escondido since there you can surf and swim no matter if you are an expert or not. We are located in the heart of Rinconada so we are surrounded by restaurants, shops, travel agencies, cafes and beautiful beaches that you can even walk to and the place is the safest.